Mesh Banners



Mesh banners are great for outdoor locations when windy conditions make solid banners impossible. AAA Trophy has been in the business of making marvelous signs and banners for more than 25 years, and we guarantee customer satisfaction. With vinyl coating, mesh banners are waterproof that allows for resistance against dirt, mildew and other harmful chemicals. Choose from our assortment of sizes and colors to help with your advertising needs. A 2 x 3 ft banner is cost effective and portable for easy storage and transportation. If larger is more your style, a 10 x 3 ft banner is perfect for displaying over the road or above a building. Our preprinted banners are available with advertisements; sale offers and discount scripts preprinted so your banner is available immediately, and can be used instantly. Along with pre-existing layouts, you can also customize your design with your personal logo. At, when solid banners won't do, let us make great mesh banners for your next event.