School Banners



School banners are a necessity in the structure of a successful academic institution and AAA Trophy is the place to go. There is no comparison to Friday night football games with the crowds roaring and the stands filled with the colors of school spirit. The musical that the theater department performs will have a larger audience with the advertising you could receive from one of our vinyl or digitally printed banners. Whether it is for athletics or academics, you can customize your own layout or choose from our selection of already made ones. Banners are a great way for high school organizations to reach out to students and advertise their need for involvement in school activities. They are wonderful for that first day when teachers get to welcome back students to a new year of academics. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers love being able to customize their own graphics that appeal to the hearts of their young students. Our signs come in a variety of sizes including the most common 10 x 3 ft or 8 x 3 ft that is popular with red or blue. With our assortment of sizes and colors, your next school event could be complete at the click of a button so stop by today because at you are sure to find what you need for great School banners.