Vinyl Banners



Vinyl banners are a must for anyone’s advertising needs and AAA Trophy is always willing to help. It is a big challenge for banner manufacturing industries to make banners that satisfy a few basic yet rigid criteria. A banner must withstand extreme temperature, humidity and other climatic conditions as outdoor banners are often exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions. Banners should be lightweight with minimum thickness because they are often hung over the road, on a wall or high-rise building. The most preferred and suitable banners are vinyl banners since they can be molded into any shape, size, and thickness. The polyester compound in vinyl banners makes the material stronger to resist all weather conditions. Our 2x8 vinyl banners are a cost-effective and portable banner that is easy to carry since you can fold it and keep it in a small bag. It is also available in a standard ready-to-hang or ready-to-display style to save time. Stop by today for all your vinyl banner needs.